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Additional Business with the Board?

Through the eLicense Ohio system licensees can conduct additional business with the Board including:

  • Supervisee registration and termination,
  • Address changes,
  • License verification requests,
  • Duplicate card and wall certificate requests,
  • License reinstatements, and
  • Name change requests.

Service Requests Fees at a Glance

Certified License Verification: $40

Duplicate License Card: $5

Duplicate License Certificate: $25

Name Change Request: No charge. Please note: Name change requests do not automatically result in the issuance of a new License Certificate and/or Card.  Should you wish to have a new License Certificate and/or Card with your updated name, please submit a service request through your online user portal.

Address Change? Job Change?


Please remember that licensees are required to notify the Board office in writing of any change in office address or employment within 60 days of such change (ORC 4732.14). Failure to follow this legal requirement can lead to a number of problems, including timely receipt of your renewal materials and other official Board  correspondence. Every year there are licensees who do not update the Board with this information and it only causes problems for all parties.

To update your address, please login to your eLicense Ohio account and select address change under "OPTIONS." This type of "service request" is automatic and requires no further action from the licensee or the Board.