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Non-resident Services

Non-resident Services in Ohio and via Telepsychology

Application for Permission to Practice for Non-Ohio Psychologists

Governor Mike DeWine declared an end to Ohio's state of emergency on June 18, 2021, thereby reverting the Board to its pre-COVID rules. The number of practice days had been extended to 90 days, but that extension is no longer in effect. We have returned to the standard rule, which allows psychologists to apply for permission to practice in Ohio on no more than 30 days per year.

Online Application Process

The application for nonresident permission to practice into Ohio without an Ohio license is available on the eLicense portal.

*Please note: You must add your degree/credentials as you would like them to appear on your license in the "last name" field, as there is not a field available to display academic degrees.

Once you have created your account, you will then be directed to a page on which you will choose "APPLY FOR A NEW LICENSE."  When provided with the option of choosing a Board, please select "Psychology Board," then select the "Non-resident Temporary Permit" option under "Select a License." Finally, under "Application Type" select "General Application."  You will then confirm your eligibility to apply for temporary permission to practice in the state of Ohio, based upon an active license from another U.S. or Canadian jurisdiction.  Upon saving and continuing the eligibility questions, you will proceed through the application documenting your personal information, background information, answer questions and attestation before submitting your application.  Upon submitting your application you will be unable to make any changes directly to your application, so please be sure to review all information prior to submitting.

The application fee is $150 and is not waived. 

After submitting your application you will be directed to a secure payment site to process your payment for your Non-resident Temporary Permit application. Following payment of your application, you will receive email communication from the Board and a receipt.

This application is restricted to the use of nonresidents of Ohio seeking express permission to practice psychology in Ohio for no more than 30 days per year in person or via telepsychology with current clients or patients temporarily in Ohio (presuming that the applicant’s home jurisdiction does not prohibit interjurisdictional telepsychology practice). This is not a temporary “license.”  It is permission to practice in Ohio without a license. The thirty (30) days may be consecutive or intermittent, although those granted this permission are required to limit practice to thirty (30) days in any three hundred sixty-five day period, on a “rolling” basis.  For example, permission granted by letter dated July 8, 2014 begins a one-year period ending July 7, 2015. Any service rendered on any given day counts as one of the thirty days.  Permission granted is not intended to allow for the establishment of a new telepsychology relationship.

Psychologists granted permission to practice temporarily without an Ohio license are required to comply with Ohio Laws and Rules Governing Psychologists. Alleged violations may result in termination of a permit, denial of future application for licensure, and/or referral to your home jurisdiction(s) for review.

Nonresident Application for 30-Day Permission to Practice Without a License

The Board is authorized to review applications for temporary permission to practice under State law:

§ 4732.22 Exceptions from licensing requirements.

The following persons are exempted from the licensing requirements of this chapter:

(2) Any nonresident temporarily employed in this state to render psychological services for not more than thirty days a year, who, in the opinion of the board, meets the standards for entrance in division (B) of section 4732.10 of the Revised Code, who has paid the required fee and submitted an application prescribed by the board, and who holds whatever license or certificate, if any, is required for such practice in the person's home state or home country.

Applicants must be judged to meet Ohio requirements for licensure under State law:

§ 4732.10 Qualifications for admission

Requirements for Obtaining Permission to Practice

What are the requirements to receive authorization to practice in Ohio temporarily?

Permission to practice in Ohio is generally granted upon receipt of the application and fee and primary source verification of a valid license from another U.S. state or Canadian province, or verification of active ABPP status, ASPPB CPQ, or NR Health Service Provider.  Verifications are generally completed via online public information search by Board staff.

What additional information might be requested?

If there is a need to verify that an applicant meets requirements for licensure as a psychologist in Ohio, the Board may require direct submission of primary source documentation of: licensure by the home state; a qualifying doctoral degree in psychology or school psychology; two years of supervised training satisfactory to the Board; and/or letters of reference.  Requests for this information are made via email.