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Laws & Rules

The Board is responsible for enforcement of ORC Chapter 4732 and OAC Chapter 4732, the Laws and Rules Governing Psychologists and School Psychologists in Ohio. The Board is additionally responsible for regulating the practice of Certified Ohio Behavior Analysts with the enactment of ORC 4783 and the promulgation of rules in OAC 4783.

Laws and Rules Governing the Practice of Psychology

Ohio Revised Code

Chapter 4732 | Psychologists

Ohio Administrative Code

Chapter 4732-1 General Provisions

Chapter 4732-2 Continuing Education

Chapter 4732-3 Definitions

Chapter 4732-5 Psychological Procedures Which Create a Serious Hazard to Mental Health and Require Professional Expertise in Psychology

Chapter 4732-7 Foreign Licensure Applicants

Chapter 4732-9 Requirements for Admission to Examination

Chapter 4732-11 Examination

Chapter 4732-13 Supervision

Chapter 4732-15 Titles for Unlicensed Persons

Chapter 4732-17 Rules of Professional Conduct

Chapter 4732-19 Enforcement and Discipline

Chapter 4732-21 Independent Rules

Laws and Rules Governing Certified Ohio Behavior Analysts

Ohio Revised Code

Chapter 4783 | Behavior Analysts

Ohio Administrative Code

Chapter 4783-1 Certification; Confidential Personal Information

Chapter 4783-2 Continuing Education

Chapter 4783-3 Definitions

Chapter 4783-4 Requirements for Certification; Criminal Records Check

Chapter 4783-5 Exemptions

Chapter 4783-6 Supervision

Chapter 4783-7 Disciplinary Action

Chapter 4783-8 Remedies

Chapter 4783-9 Enforcement

Chapter 4783-10 Severability of Rules

State Laws Related to the Practice of Psychology & School Psychology

Related Statutes

Reporting child abuse or neglect.

Reporting abuse, neglect or other major incidents.

Reporting abuse, neglect or exploitation of adult.

Outpatient coverage for mental or emotional disorders.

Outpatient, inpatient, and intermediate primary care benefits for alcoholism.

Counselors, Social Workers, and Marriage & Family Therapists.

Divorced parents' rights to children's records.  [see (H)(1)]

Domestic Violence; noting in client's record. [see (F)(1) and (F)(2)]

Felony, client confides s/he has committed.  [see (G)]

Hospitalization, Involuntary.

Hospitalization, Voluntary.

Imminent Harm to others, duty to protect, immunity from liability.

Outpatient services for minors without knowledge or consent of parent or guardian.

Records, client access. [see (B)]

Records, allowable charges.