School Psychologist Applicants

School Psychologist Application Instructions, Checklist, and Forms


The application is available here:

Once you have created an account, you will then be directed to a page on which you will choose "APPLY FOR A NEW LICENSE."  Select "Psychology Board" and then the "School Psychologist" option under "Select a License."  Finally, under "Select an Application Type," select “General.” Upon saving and continuing through the eligibility questions, you will proceed through the application documenting your personal information, background information, conduct and legal questions, and attestations before submitting your application. You will be directed to a secure payment site to process your payment. Following payment of the fee, you will receive an automated email and a receipt.

Submitting Materials to the Board

In addition to the application and fee, there are several things we’ll need to determine compliance with the requirements to be admitted to the oral examination. Transcripts, Praxis score, and experience/employment verification forms are all accepted from the original source.  We prefer that all documentation be submitted by the original source via:

Email: or Fax: (614-728-7081)

If using US mail, please have materials sent to:

Ohio Board of Psychology

77 S. High St, Ste. 1830

Columbus, OH 43215-6108

School Psychologist Licensing FAQ’s

Question: What does the Ohio Board of Psychology school psychologist license allow me to do?

Answer:  The school psychologist license issued by the Ohio Board of Psychology authorizes independent practice of school psychology outside of schools and other settings where the ODE license is the required credential.  “The practice of school psychology” defined in law is limited to the following services:


(1) Evaluation, diagnosis, or test interpretation limited to assessment of intellectual ability, learning patterns, achievement, motivation, behavior, or personality factors directly related to learning problems;


(2) Intervention services, including counseling, for children or adults for amelioration or prevention of educationally related learning problems, including emotional and behavioral aspects of such problems;


(3) Psychological, educational, or vocational consultation or direct educational services.  This does not include industrial consultation or counseling services to clients undergoing vocational rehabilitation.


Question: What are the requirements for a school psychologist license?

Answer:  You must be of good moral character, hold at least a master’s degree in school psychology from an accredited educational institution and have completed at least four years of school psychology experience—which is typically employment as a school psychologist on the ODE license (or other state’s education credential).  You must also have achieved a passing score on the Praxis-II School Psychologist Exam (#5402) reported directly to the Board by the Educational Testing Service (ETS).  Finally, you must pass an orally-administered examination on the laws and rules governing psychologists and school psychologists and related state laws.


Question: What is the passing score requirement for the Praxis II?

Answer:  The passing score requirement is aligned with NASP policy and depends on when the exam was taken. Applicants taking the current Praxis-II must achieve a score of 147.  Applicants who took the exam between 2008 and 2014 must have achieved a passing score of 165. Test scores remain valid for ten (10) years after the testing date.  Applicants with scores more than ten (10) years old are required to retake the current Praxis-II and earn a passing score of 147.


Question: What kind of experience do I need during the four years?


Answer:  At least two years of your experience must be practicing school psychology within the scope of employment by a board of education or by a private school.  Each of the four years of school psychology experience must include at least nine months of full-time (35 hrs/week) work or the equivalence in part-time work.  Usually, applicants have completed a one-year internship during the master’s program, and that is counted toward the four years.


Question: How do I document my work experience?


Answer:  You should document your minimum of four years of work experiences on forms available on the website as follows:


1) If credit for your internship appears on your graduate transcript, that is adequate verification.


2) An official must submit a form verifying your term of employment as a certificated/licensed (by the State Board of Education) school psychologist by a board of education/school district or a private school.


3) Any work you are counting toward the four years that was performed outside of the internship or employment as a certificated/licensed (by the State Department of Education) school psychologist by a board of education or a private school must be verified on a statement from a psychologist or Board Licensed School Psychologist.


Question: What materials do I need to submit an application for the School Psychologist license?


Answer: The application, the $300 application and license fee, the report of your Praxis II test score from ETS, graduate transcript(s) sent directly to the Board of Psychology by the university, and statement(s) verifying your school psychology experience (other than an internship credited on your transcript). 


Question: How can I learn about the oral examination requirement?

Answer:  Information about the oral exam is on the website. Candidates must sign a receipt for the preparation manual, which contains the laws and rules from which questions are drawn. Success on the exam requires mastery of the laws and rules. Successful candidates report that they studied and memorized the prep manual for between 30-50 hours.


Please do not rely on these brief answers in isolation.

The regulations are at

Criminal Background Check Instructions

Oral Exam Prep Manual Acknowledgement

Application Questions
For questions regarding the application and/or additional forms, please contact the Board at (614) 466-8809 or

School Psychology Examination Committee


License #4835

Term ends January 25, 2021



License #SP142

Ex-Officio Based on Board terms


School Psychology Examination Committee Members are appointed by the Board to five (5) year terms.