Certified Ohio Behavior Analyst Applicants


Dear Applicant:

To apply for COBA certification, please click on the following link, https://elicense.ohio.gov.

Once you have created your account, you will then be directed to a page on which you will choose "APPLY FOR A NEW LICENSE."  You will then be provided with the option of choosing "Psychology Board" and then the "Certified Ohio Behavior Analyst" option under "Select a License." Finally, under "Select an Application Type" select "General Application."  You will then confirm your eligibility to apply for the COBA certification.  Upon saving and continuing the eligibility questions, you will proceed through the application documenting your personal information, background information, answer questions and attestation before submitting your application.  Upon submitting your application you will be unable to make any changes directly to your application, so please be sure to review all information prior to submitting.  After submitting your application, you will be directed to a secure payment site to process your payment for your COBA application.  Following payment of your application, you will receive email communication from the Board and a receipt.

Note: Please ensure that all documentation, to which you attest on the application site, is forwarded to the Board for the completion of your application.  All documentation required can be found on this page of the Ohio Board of Psychology's website.

Should you have any questions regarding managing your account or during the setup of your account, please contact the Board at (614) 466-8808. Alternatively, you are always welcome to email the Board at info@psy.ohio.gov.




The Ohio Board of Psychology

Questions and Answers about the COBA Application and Certification

Question: What is required to complete my file before I can be registered for a pre-certification workshop/exam?




1) Submitted application, and Board verification that you have an active BCBA or active state license to practice ABA.  


2) Receipt for the workshop/exam.  Print, sign, and send to the Board the receipt for the pre-certification workshop laws and rules manual.  This can be faxed (614-728-7081) or emailed to the Executive Director at info@psy.ohio.gov.


3) Three letters of reference. Distribute the reference letter request form to at least three (3) qualified references. Letters need to be faxed (614-728-7081) from the author to the Board. Letters may also be emailed from the author to info@psy.ohio.gov.  Letters must come from: (a) A certified Ohio behavior analyst; (b) A board certified behavior analyst in good standing certified by the behavior analyst certification board; (c) A psychologist or school psychologist licensed by a state or provincial board of psychology; or (d) A professional clinical counselor, independent social worker, or independent marriage and family therapist licensed under Chapter 4757 of the Revised Code.


Question: Do I need to submit an academic transcript or proof of supervised experience?


Answer: No, assuming that your BCBA or state license to practice ABA is active.


Question: Is there a deadline prior to the workshop date to complete my file?


Answer:  Yes.  Workshops and individual exam appointments are being offered live video conferencing. Candidates are permitted to attend a workshop only after receiving approval in the form of a Zoom link for the workshop;All materials must be signed off by the Executive Director three days prior to the scheduled workshop.


Question: How do I know if my application materials have been received?


Answer:  After submitting the application, sending the receipt, and requesting your letters of reference please allow 5-7 business days before inquiring (if you have not heard from us).  Email info@psy.ohio.gov.  Please allow 2-3 days for us to review your file and reply to your email.


Question: Can I be admitted to the workshop/exam before the Board receives the results of my criminal background check?


Answer:  Yes.  You can be admitted to the pre-certification workshop/exam before we receive your background check results, but the COBA certificate cannot be issued until we receive satisfactory results from the background check.  To be safe, please allow 30 days between the fingerprinting and our receipt of your results.


Question: Does the Board staff verify my BCBA?


Answer:  Yes.  Board staff will verify on the website of the BACB that you have a current, valid certificate as a Board Certified Behavior Analyst.


Question: How will I know that I’m eligible to be scheduled for a pre-certification workshop/exam?


Answer:  After all of your required application materials are signed off by the Executive Director, a staff member will email you to confirm registration for the workshop/exam.  


Links to all required forms and instructions can be found below.

Certification Questions

For questions regarding the application and/or additional forms, please contact the Board at (614) 466-8809 or psy.ce@psy.ohio.gov.

Workshop/Exam Schedule

The COBA pre-licensure workshops are being conducted via Zoom video conference. The COBA examination is also being administered individually via Zoom on a schedule set by the Board, typically during the week following the workshop. Applicants must be admitted to a workshop by Zoom invitation link from the Board staff at least three days prior to the scheduled workshop. The schedule is below (all workshops are scheduled for 9:30AM-10:30AM: 

July 23, 2021

October 1, 2021

October 29, 2021

December 10, 2021

Please email chiquana.campbell@psy.ohio.gov for more information.

Reference Request Form

Background Check Information

Instructions and Locations for background checks completed in Ohio

Out-of-State applicants may complete the fingerprinting for the background check process in their home states. Upon submission of the application, please request the background check instructions and fingerprint cards from the Board.

Demonstrating Equivalence to the BCBA